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JAISE publishes an official journal, 学会誌「留学生教育」"International Student Education," which is always ready to consider submissions. Please refer to the Newsletter (Japanese only) and News at the top of this page for further information. For back issues of the journal, please click on 学会誌「留学生教育」the Book-Shopping-Cart (Japanese only).

Please refer to [the regulations (Japanese only)] and [writing points] for rules concerning the submission of your articles. Please also apply for back issues through the Book-Shopping-Cart (Japanese only).

We are accepting manuscripts!!
Manuscripts contirubutions to the International Student Education has been possible since September, 2007.
Manuscripts received before the end of April will be considered for publication in the December issue.
We await your contributions.


《The Research Council/Symposium 》
Notices (in Japanese) concerning the research council and symposium will be published on our website. 《Symposium》
The symposium isn't held regularly.
The schedule (Japanese) of our research council will be published on the website.


We have three subcommitees. Information research meetings to be held is regularly announced on the homepage and via the mailing list.

Report of The research council/the symposium and subcommitees.

●History of Research Councils
No.18/2013/ at Hokuriku Univercity
No.17/2012/ at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
No.16/2011/ at Nagoya Univercity
No.15/2010/ at Arcadia Ichigaya Private Hall
No.14/2009/ at Nagasaki Univercity
No.13/2008/ at Arcadia Ichigaya Private Hall
No.12/2007/ at Okayama University
No.11/2006/ at Tokyo Medical and Dental University
No.10/2005/ at Hokuriku University
No.09/2004/ at Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages
No.08/2003/ at Tokyo Institute of Technology
No.07/2002/ at Tokyo Gakugei University
No.06/2001/ at Nanzan University
No.05/2000/ at School of Science, University of Tokyo
No.04/1999/ at Kyushu Hisayama Hotel
(organized by (Kyushu University)

No.03/1998/ at Toyama University
No.02/1997/ atKanda Institute of Foreign Languages
No.01/1996/ at Tsukuba University