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Request of survey on international student mobility

 The COVID-19 has brought us its great barriers with wide ranges of
concerns on our international student mobility at Higher Education
Institutions (HEIs) over the world. Then here is our favor to ask you to help us on our

This survey is conducted multilaterally, and it will be able to
identify diverse visions on the prospective international student
mobility of HEIs in the post-pandemic period.

  1. Information sheet of this survey project with “survey link”
  2. List of actual questions to see in advance

The rapid result will likely come out by mid-May, so that the results can be shared before a new semester starts in autumn this year.

We would really appreciate all your help and cooperation through this survey in advance.

This project has been sponsored and supported by the Grant-in-aid for Japanese Scientific Research (KAKEN No.20KK0052-under the category of Accelerating Promotion Fund for International Collaborative Research (B))

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